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    2012 Wishes to Joy for APG


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    default 2012 Wishes to Joy for APG

    Post by Dawn on Wed 14 Dec 2011, 5:21 am

    Joy, just a little word in you earAs 2012 draws near, I would like to say, the APG site you created is cool and I am very happy to be part of it. I am also very happy that it has developed as it has and I know it will continue to grow in 2012. It has been a place to visit and share photos and be social and friendly and loving toward people in a genuine way!. It has also been a great place to develop my own relating on the internet. Relating on the internet I have found to be nerve racking at times! I do sound like I am too over the top with enthusiasm sometimes in my posting but I make no apologies because I love life. :) and people! :lol2: I know you seek no apologies either :lol2: I have a "norm" in life that says "as long as you mean no harm" then it is all OK or should be anyhow :whistle: :lol3: .
    Thanks for a lovely space on the internet, a home from home, in Cyber Space :smile: :good:

    F O U N D E R
    F O U N D E R

    default Re: 2012 Wishes to Joy for APG

    Post by Joy on Wed 14 Dec 2011, 6:58 am

    Many, many thanks for your very kind words, Dawn. :smile:

    After having encountered posters in other forums, who weren't very pleasant in their attitude (which is putting it mildly), I was determined to have a forum where members could feel safe from such people. This is one of the reasons I started APG & I have enjoyed every moment. We have a wonderful group of members here, for which I am very thankful. :bravo:

    I just hope everyone will continue to feel safe here to relax & enjoy their internet experience. :wave2: :cool4:

    Actually, Dawn, I am lost for words which is a change for me. :donald:

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