There are many surprisingly simple and inexpensive ways to add that feeling of elegance and warmth to your home. Even if you are on a tight budget, the following tips can help create that charm and individuality you want.


Changing the impact of a room does not have to involve painting all the walls. One wall, preferably one that is not broken up by a window or door, can be painted in a contrasting color that will make a big difference in the way the room looks and feels. If you have a den or living room that is neutral, choose a coordinating color that adds interest without looking out of place. If your walls are beige or cream, try a warm latte or caramel color for an effective but subtle contrast that doesn’t call attention to itself, but does give the room a whole new feeling. Similarly, if you have a cool palette – light gray or pale blue walls - you can paint one wall in a deep dove gray or a navy blue to turn an unremarkable space into an elegant one.


Add drama to your home with rich, interesting and colorful fabrics. Throw pillows in warm colors with metallic threads woven into the pattern or dotted with tiny mirrors create instant sparkle that can make a big change in the atmosphere of a room. Get even more creative with the use of tapestries, linens and even shawls. Beautiful Pashmina shawls draped over the back of a couch or armchair can take the seating area from drab to exotic. Small, colorful hanging tapestries can create dramatic focal points, adding texture and interest by breaking up a wall that already features framed prints or photographs. And consider covering small end tables with table-toppers that can range from cheerful vintage prints to contemporary stripes and designs.


Fireplaces help create wonderfully inviting spaces, but safety can be an issue. So consider an electric fireplace to give your room that special glow. Electric fireplaces range widely in price and style, so you can find one to fit both your budget and your taste. A traditional standing fireplace with its own mantel provides a spot for cherished photographs. A corner unit is perfect in a small room, and a wall-mounted fireplace takes up less room than a tv. This is elegance and safety in one simple change.